We live in a place where the population density per 1 square km is the smallest in Latvia. We are surrounded by vast forests, with a large density of animals, clean rivers and beautiful forest lakes. We would be more than happy to show you around!

Dabalaba provides boat rent on Irbe, Rinda, Stende, Engure, Lonaste rivers since year 2010 and bow track is operating since 2011. Dabalaba is local guide offering organized hikes, safari trips in “Ance bogs and forests” nature reserve on roads providing fun, interesting and beautiful moments in nature.

Since year 2018 Dabalaba has restaurant in the middle of forest #Mežā. Restaurant provides clean, tasty and healthy local food and is clean from unhealthy food additives.

There is also vegetarian, vegan as well as gluten free, lactose free options in the menu and if booked before, food can be adjusted to other needs as well.

We offer

Daba laba - laivošana

We offer canoe hire for trips around Irbe, Stende, Rinda, Lonaste and Engure rivers.

Daba laba - loku šaušana

Archery is a great way to relax and regenerate naturally for people with any physical fitness or age!

Daba laba - piedzīvojumi

Dabalaba organizes different kinds of adventures in nature for families, friends or collectives.

Daba laba - pirts

Sauna house on wheels is clean, natural and very soft and nurturing. It is located near river, equipped with candle light with herbal tea, honey and peace all around.

Daba laba - safari

Safari trip. We will have a trip through the nature reserve "Ance swamps and forest" roads. Driving occurs primarily on the forest roads, as well as tank roads.

Daba laba - foto medības

Photo hunting. We'll show a photographer some beautiful places to snap: a capercaillie in mating season , a deer during the mating season, a crane and beautiful white storks nest. We might be able to meet the wolf, sea eagle, foxes or raccoons.

Daba laba - ekskursijas

Adventure excursions. Adventure tours for students year 7 to 12

Daba laba - kafejnīca mežā

Restaurant #Mežā cooks meals using local, clean and natural ingredients, no syntetic additives. Everything made from scratch.