Offer for students

Adventure tours for students year 7 to 12.  Start the school year with archer posture and confidence in the wilderness!  Suitable for boys and girls!  It is exciting and very safe!

In autumn and spring:

1 day tour "Get to know the animals of Latvian forest with simple hike with a bow," 4-5 hours, special offer in May, September and October - Eur 15.00 per person, class teacher - for free!

  • DabaLaba archering track have 3D targets with animals who live in Latvian forest.
  • Before starting the track you'll train in shooting gallery, where each participant will learn the basics of archery.
  • When students have mastered their shooting skills, everyone will start the archery track accompanied by an instructor.
  • The track is in forest, meadow and along the river.
  • After an active hiking, we will stop by our picnic place to enjoy our traditional "Archers Soup".

1 day canoeing with instructor - Eur 15.00 per person

Items Needed: Appropriate and comfortable clothing for the day's weather, a footwear to walk in the forest. At the finish we have a picnic with soup, included. If you have any additional questions please email or call us! We will try to adapt for your convenience!


2-day tour "Big Adventure in Nature"

On the first day you'll get to know the animals of Latvian forest with hike and archering and the second day you'll have a trip with canoe along the river Stende and have a hike where we will look at the footprints of various animals and learn to recognize them.

2-day tour costs EUR 30.00 per person. Camping place with firewood, items for picnic, roof on table and water supply included. At the finish after bow track and after canoeing day we have a picnic with soup, included.

Items Needed: comfortable clothing, footwear for walk in forest, everything you need for overnight in tent, food (dinner, breakfast and lunch on the second day)