Dabalaba organizes different kinds of adventures in nature according to weather conditions. In spring (and winter) we go on flood canoeing where we can canoe on meadows, among trees and around the bridges. When there is high water, we go exploring!

Every year in February-march deer and moose lose their antlers and it is time to go on hike for antler hunting. We camp in forest and have tasty meals cooked on fireplace.

We also watch animals and nature and share it with you as local guide. Photo hunting is an alternative and fun way to get close to animals as we can catch beautiful animals on pictures from towers and hideouts early in mornings and at late nights when animals are most active. From migrating birds gathering in crowds in early spring and August, September, to storks in beautiful and wild nests all summer long, to roe, moose at their mating time to deer mating season in late September, October when the nights are cold but days still warm.

We always are careful and responsible for what we do in nature treating ourselves as part of it and leaving no trace after us. Even more- to leave the place we visit better than when we came.