We offer canoe hire for trips around Irbe, Stende, Rinda, Lonaste and Engure rivers. You can choose a route for one or two days. The total length of the route from the "Krastiņi" till where the Irbe meets the sea is 42km and you need around 2 days. Depending on abilities and preferences the route can be combined from mid or lower Irbe and Stende for 1 day journey. Along the way we will show you the secret soviet radio telescope. At the mouth of river Irbe forms 2 km long sand stripe, which is one of the most beautiful places along the route.


Boat rental prices:

  1 day 1 day* 2 days 3 days
SUP Eur 25.00 Eur 25.00 Eur 35.00 Eur 55.00
(2-3 person canoe) Eur 60.00** Eur 55.00** Eur 70.00** Eur 75.00
(3-4 person canoe) Eur 70.00** Eur 60.00** Eur 80.00** Eur 85.00
(1 seat sea kayak) Eur 50.00 Eur 50.00 Eur 60.00 Eur 70.00

If you use your own canoe - we can offer you transportation.
Booking fee for one canoe (in June, July and August) - 20 EUR.

* for route Ance-Irene (telescope) river: Stende- Irbe

**to rent one canoe only, price is + 5eur for full service

1 day route:

  • Irbene (telescope) - sea (river: Irbe)
  • Irbene ( telescope) - Lielirbes bridge (river: Irbe)
  • Irbene ( telescope) - Miķeļtornis (upe: Irbe)
  • * Ance- Irbene ( telescope) (river: Stende-Irbe)

2 day route:

  • Rindas village - sea (river: Rinda-Irbe)
  • Ance - sea (river: Stende - Irbe)

3 day route:

  • Lake Puzes - sea (river: Rinda- Irbe)
  • 4- 5 days/ small expedition/  Usmas lake - sea (rivers: Engure- lake Puzes- Rinda- Irbe)

Brief information on rivers:

Irbe formed by the joining rivers Rinda and Stende (which flows from Ziemeļkursa highlands) by the Ance parish. River length is 32 km what generally flows parallel to the sea, in the landscape of ancient dunes and swamps. The river basin covers an area of 2,000 km². Bottom average decline of 0.25 m / km. Its average discharge at the mouth is 16 m3 / s. Annual runoff is 0.5 km3.

Stende starts from Talsi. Ventspils district is located in the middle reaches and lower reaches around 50 km in length, crossing the northern Usma Parish and the middle of Ance and Puze parish. Its average flow rate is 0.3  m3/s in the summer and 0.52 m3/s in the winter, but the runoff reaches 0.3 km3. The average drop is 0.78 m/km. Lower Stende flows with poorly set up valleys with extensive floodplain meadows, which are mostly flooded during spring. Stende has many small tributaries. The largest tributaries: Dzelzupe, Lūšupīte, Upatu valks, Lonaste, Trumpe, Silupe.

In the tables below with Bold marked the route of the "Krastiņi" till the sea.