Archery is a great way to relax and regenerate naturally for people with any physical fitness or age!

At DabaLaba archery track:

  • you will spend your day in nature,
  • you will have a chance to shoot with the classic bow,
  • you will get to know Latvian animals,
  • you will get to taste our fire boiled "Archers soup",
  • you will spend a excellent time wit your family, friends or colleagues.

We offer 2 different tracks:

  • Long track is 3.5 km long, 20 targets, runs along the pond, through the woods, across meadows and on the dam along the river (about 3,5h)
  • Short track is ~ 1 km long, 10 targets, runs along the pond, down the road along the meadows, on the dam along the river (about 1,5 h).

Before you enter the track we teach you a basic shooting, and you will have some time to practice in shooting gallery;

  • You will be shooting with classic longbow, each shooter will also receive safety and comfort equipment;
  • Both tracks have 3D targets of existing animals what live in Latvian forest. Every each one of the animals will have a brief info about it, but please don't hesitate to ask your captain as he will be ready to tell you some more interesting and fun facts.

At the end of the shooting we will stop by our picnic place where you will have a chance to enjoy our homemade "Archers Soup"


  Short track Long track
Adults Eur 19.00 Eur 25.00
  Kids Eur 15.00 Eur 19.00